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Collaboration with Baker Lab published in Acta Biomaterialia

Work led by the newly-minted Dr. Willy Wang in Dr. Brendon Baker's lab at Michigan demonstrates the role of porous media properties in regulating new blood vessel growth. Stephanie worked with the Michigan team to implement a microfluidic approach for characterizing hydrogel pore size.


Wang, W.Y., Kent, R.N., Huang, S.A., Jarman, E.H., Shikanov, E.H., Davidson, C.D., Hiraki, H.L., Lin, D., Wall, M.A., Shin, J., Polacheck, W.J., Shikanov, A., Baker, B.M. (2021) “Direct comparison of angiogenesis in natural and synthetic biomaterials reveals matrix porosity regulates endothelial cell invasion speed and sprout diameter.” Acta Biomaterialia. S1742-7061(21)00571-7. PMID: 34469789.


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