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4 presentations at BMES

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Emily, Stephanie, and Wen for presenting 2 podium presentations and 2 posters at BMES in Orlando.

Stephanie presented in a session entitled, "Computational Biomechanics." Her talk, "Multilayer microfluidic platform for the study of transmural and interstitial transport" highlighted work by her and a postdoc, Dr. Gihun Lee, in developing new microfluidic platforms for modeling the fluidic microenvironment.

Elizabeth presented in a session entitled, "Biomechanics of Engineered Tissues." She updated the audience on recent progress in developing humanized models for modeling vEDS in vitro in her talk entitled, "Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome cell-derived-matrix elucidates role of collagen III in ECM mechanics.:

Emily was the first undergraduate from the lab to present a poster at BMES, entitled, "Characterizing extracellular matrix structure and assembly in vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome."

Stephanie highlights some of her applied transport work with a poster entitled, "Microfluidic approach for quantifying vascular permeability in the presence of transmural flow."


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